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The "financial investment" section is in charge of the investment company established by shaanxi Haidebang Investment Management Co., LTD and the state-owned Shaanxi Foreign Trade supply Chain Management Co., LTD.  Its main business includes supply chain finance, providing tailor-made supply chain finance solutions, exclusive financial products and services to improve customer satisfaction.  The establishment of the financial sector is an important means of expansion, can not only effectively idle funds looking for opportunities to earnings for the company, and timely spread the management risk of the company, at the same time can quickly improve the liquidity of the assets, strengthen the solvency of the company, is an indispensable section in group management, promote economic development and to the group.  Our aim is "service and sincerity in exchange for your trust and support, mutual benefit, create a win-win!"  

Our company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues at home and abroad to create a better future!