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Hitpound International Logistics Holding Group

International Logistics
International logistics mainly includes international air transportation, sea transportation, rail and road transportation, multimodal transportation of various combinations, global port customs clearance, supply chain management, customized professional
International Trade
International trade mainly includes the import and export trade, transit trade, transit trade of aviation materials, electronic equipment, pre-packaged food, meat food, first-class medical equipment, etc.  
Financial Investment
Financial Investment is mainly engaged in supply chain finance, and tailor-made supply chain finance solutions for customers.  And establish supply chain finance investment company mixed with state-owned enterprises.  
Logistics Real Estate
Logistics real estate operation includes general warehouse, bonded warehouse, overseas warehouse, international gathering center, aviation material distribution center, etc.  Xi 'an Port International Gathering Center: Located in the comprehensive bonded
IT(information technology)
Information technology main network logistics system docking, supply chain management, cloud warehouse supporting software and other business development, to achieve one-stop smart logistics. 
Overseas Plate
In the branch countries and regions of the main overseas warehouse and commodity exhibition center projects, at the same time as economic and trade cultural exchange center.