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In March 2019, Shaanxi Overseas Investment and Development CO., LTD., Shaanxi Foreign Economic and Trade Integrated Service CO., LTD., and Hadebang INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Holding Group jointly invested and cooperated with CTS INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD., which was set up in Bangkok, Thailand.  The main business includes overseas warehouse, international trade, international freight forwarding, distribution and distribution center, the storage, distribution and timely delivery of goods in overseas warehouses in Thailand, the overseas market expansion of Shaanxi products in Thailand and Southeast Asia (commodity display platform) and related foreign economic and trade activities.  Up to now, CTS has completed warehouse sites in Lam Chaban Port Free Zone and Rayong Province Industrial Zone along the northern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, as well as Suvarnabhui Airport New Area in Bangkok, and signed a framework cooperation agreement with international logistics giant DSV.