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The "logistics real estate" section is a very popular operation direction in recent years, which is mainly responsible for the investment and construction of modern logistics facilities required by the business development of enterprises. The section mainly operates ordinary warehouse, bonded warehouse, overseas warehouse, international gathering center, aviation material distribution center and so on.  Xi 'an Port International Gathering Center: Located in the comprehensive bonded area of Xi 'an International Port and Business District, it can undertake international freight train and INTERNATIONAL highway (TIR) gathering business of all kinds of bulk cargo, bonded and non-bonded goods, overseas customs clearance, pick-up and distribution, etc.  Bonded storage and ground services, domestic customs clearance, distribution and distribution;  3.5km away from the central railway station, the traffic is very convenient.  The construction of "logistics real estate" plate is closely related to the industrial structure of the city and even the region, which requires a certain scale of land, and also has a certain strong dependence on transportation facilities. Since its establishment in 2018, Shaanxi Hadebang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been operating in a good condition, with remarkable results and trustworthiness.